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Following on from last weeks post from Kev about how the size of the device really does matter I have found myself considering how I actually use my devices. While I was aware that use of my laptop had changed since I started using an iPhone I was quite surprised to realised that my usage of my iPhone had […]

I read a disturbing article on TechCrunch this week about the ‘likely’ possibility that Windows 8 will let you run your mobile phone apps on your computer. Now I’m going to give the article the benefit of the doubt. After all, it goes on to talk about the next version of the OS perhaps offering […]

There is a lot of buzz about HTML5 right now. I tend to follow quite a few of the movers and shakers in the tech world who constantly jump ship to the next big thing, forever investing their time and effort in the latest technology. When said technology eventually becomes mature enough to actually use, another new […]

While iOS is the undisputed consumer app king, Android sits as the mobile device OS whose growth is accelerating the fastest. However, quite opposite to some of the headline stats out there, Android does not have a larger install base than iOS. It is true that there are more Android based devices than iPhone’s but  if […]

I recently read, and commented on, an article on eConsultancy (Moments in Needless Bi-Polarity: Apps vs the mobile web). However, as I was moderated, I thought that I’d share my thoughts on it here instead. *smile* It seems that this issue, and the misunderstandings surround it, will not go away. I do agree with much […]

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new technology that will be appearing on the next generation of mobile handsets and available to the masses within the next year or two. What does it mean and what opportunities will it bring to the marketplace? The driving force behind NFC is to enable mobile payments. Instead of […]

If one thing has become clear in the fledgling world of the app it is that your app needs to do something. Apps can be great for marketing and brand awareness but if nobody has any reason to download, launch and use it then how will they become any more aware of your brand? Know […]

Apps seem to have made the most ordinary of tasks that little bit more enjoyable. Some of the things that I used to do anyway now have a little bit more magic to them. So I thought I’d share some of the Apps that have brought this magic into my life. My current eco system […]

What makes a platform a success? Why does the iPod continue to be so dominant? Why is the iPad the only tablet that has actually seen significant adoption?   As many have done, you could point to Apple’s design ethic and branding, their re-invention and consumer focus, or the fact that their music players have […]

Smart-phones and tablets do something that no piece of mainstream tech has done since the creation of the mouse over four decades ago; They give us a new way to interact with hardware and software. A way that makes the whole experience of using a computer more human. I am, of course, talking about touch. […]