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Although games seem to attract the most attention in mobile app stores, the sleeper hit last year was actually in the messaging space. Blackberry’s BBM app finally went multi-platform in October 2013 and became an instant hit with over 10 million downloads in the first day of release.

There is some really heated debate over the future of the web at the moment. From Sergy Brins latest warning on the rise of facebook and mobile apps, to the continuing battle over whether the cross platform, standards based nature of HTML5 will win out over the seemingly more costly but slick experience of the […]

It seems to be silly season again in the world of tech. After I suggested that there wasn’t really a bubble in the world of mobile apps Facebook go and spend  $1 billion on Instagram. That’s right $1 billion! This move seems to make no sense at all. Let’s be clear on what has happened. Instagram is […]

This is the question, it seems, that Facebook have been wrestling with for some time. I think that we can all learn from the journey that they appear to have been on. I use the word appear because I have no connection with Facebook, I have no inside knowledge. This is just as the situation […]

Some comments I made while at SXSW this year as a guest on the live, end of season, Boagworld podcast seem to have caused a bit of stir. An interesting discussion ensued on the Boagworld forum surrounding the idea that an organisation may not need a standalone web site any more. All they really need […]