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There is some really heated debate over the future of the web at the moment. From Sergy Brins latest warning on the rise of facebook and mobile apps, to the continuing battle over whether the cross platform, standards based nature of HTML5 will win out over the seemingly more costly but slick experience of the […]

Last month, Gartner produced an interesting report into the way tablet computing is well and truly entering its ‘second wave’ in terms of its use in and for business applications. This so called second wave sees tablet computing for business moving away from personal productivity applications and towards manageable and secure enterprise applications to support […]

In May 2011, Model Metrics did a survey into enterprise adoption of tablets. The full report can be found on their website here. The survey of 450 business and IT executives revealed some interesting figures. It also revealed a clear lack of strategy when it comes to mobile adoption in the workplace. But what exactly […]

If you have been reading any of our recent posts you will know that we have been exploring some of the ways mobile computing is developing. Its roots go way back, but the coming revolution was probably kicked of in earnest by the smart phone. Oddly, when the iPad arrived on the scene many people, […]

If one thing has become clear in the fledgling world of the app it is that your app needs to do something. Apps can be great for marketing and brand awareness but if nobody has any reason to download, launch and use it then how will they become any more aware of your brand? Know […]

Smart-phones and tablets do something that no piece of mainstream tech has done since the creation of the mouse over four decades ago; They give us a new way to interact with hardware and software. A way that makes the whole experience of using a computer more human. I am, of course, talking about touch. […]