If one thing has become clear in the fledgling world of the app it is that your app needs to do something. Apps can be great for marketing and brand awareness but if nobody has any reason to download, launch and use it then how will they become any more aware of your brand?

Know your audience

Consider who your app is aimed at and find out what they need or want. In the world of apps the users need to actively decide to launch your app. The only way that they will see your brand and its message is if you have given them a reason tap your icon. As a result there are some fantastic opportunities for marketing by association. For example I saw a great concept recently that displayed directions to all public conveniences based on your current location. The app (SitOrSquat: Bathroom finder) was developed for a brand of bathroom tissue. Clever.

Keep it simple

Increasingly we see that the app does one thing and does it well. The nature of the interface and the device in use has encouraged designers to reduce complexity. This in turn has led to a reduction in the available functionality per app. There is simply no room for something which plagues many desktop and browser based applications; feature bloat.   When specifying and designing your app continually consider what can you remove or hide.

Apple coined “there is an app for that”. The idea being that each little task can be completed by an app. Each of life’s little problems can be solved by an app. Your app doesn’t need to try and do everything. It needs to do one thing well. There is an app to roll dice, there is an app to find a public convenience, there is an app to read books, there is an app to listen to music, there is an app to watch TV,  there is an app to watch a movie etc etc etc…

Be creative

In the world of apps you need to be a little creative to put your brand in front of your audience. Work out the one thing that your app is going to do. And make sure you do it well!

Have you come across any creative brand awareness apps?

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